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53 years old

Los Angeles, California

Les Paul, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Carvin AE185, Harmony lap steel or homemade Keef guitar through POD 2.0; Epiphone 12-string, Johnson 6-string, Aria classical mic'd.

Turser Beatle Bass or Squier P-Bass Special or SX 5-String through POD or Fender Bassman 100 (the small one)

Been playing since 1970 (I think). Started on bass, but included guitar at just about the same time; still about 50/50 guitar/bass

Chris C
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Gotta love threads that ask your age. Finally, something we all know the answer to. :)

Age: 60 - I just scraped into the "Not quite as old as somebody else here" category... :)

Location: West Australia


Yahama AES620 (Les Paul style, I guess)
Yamaha Pacifica 112J (Strat style)
Yamaha CG-101MS (Nylon string classical style acoustic)
Terada dreadnought acoustic
Seagull S6+CW Acoustic/electric with cutaway.
Johnson hollowbody
Johnson Bass
Johnson Strat copy with 2 humbuckers and 1 single coil
Epiphone SG 400 'faded vintage look'

Assorted Johnson and Vox amps.
Plus Casio keyboard, drums, clarinet, sax, banjo, and mandolin - all cheapies, and mostly played enthusiastically but extremely ineptly.

How long:
Not long enough! :roll: About 3 years, mostly in disorganised bursts. Getting better, and it now takes noticeably longer for my playing to empty the room. :wink:



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Hey Chris,

I think that you have more Johnsons than Ric!


When I die, I want to go peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather, not screaming......
like the passengers in his car.

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39 yrs. old
epi lp black beauty, fender strat, ibanez rg 40, and a couple of cheap aqoustics
fender hot rod deville, peavey valve king, roland micro cube

playing on and off for 20 years , mostly off , but seriously for the last 4and a half to 5 years.

currently living in nashville, but the wife and i are about to close on a house in tullahoma ( thank god, cause if i look at one more house, i'm going to puke)

even god loves rock-n-roll

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- Your age group - 40
- Your location - Oregon
- What you play (guitar and amp) -
Epi Les Paul Custom Cherry Burst
American Strat (Fat) - Chrome Silver
Burst '51
Hot Rod Deluxe
Marshall VST65R
GT-8 through Berhinger Truth Monitors

- How long have you been playing - going on 4 years

Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing. - Wernher Von Braun (1912-1977)

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I'm living in Rock Hill South Carolina, but will be moving to Greenville this summer.

I'm 49 (thats dead in dog years) :lol:

Been playing since 1970, So I should be much better than I am. :oops:
Self taught , haven't been in a band since 1983.

Lets see.
Guitars: 89 mij Strat, Squier 51, Squier black and chrome standard Tele, Epiphone 335 Dot,a cheap Washburn bass, Blueridge acoustic, Johnson acoustic(for slide), Johnson Banjo, Rouge mandolin, and a Artisan Lap steel.

A Berhinger GMX 212 amp, an Epiphone valve JR. head ran through a old Peavy combo with the amp tore out. also a Casio WK-3000 keyboard, a small kustom PA system and a Tascam portastudio 424 mkIII that is mostly used for a mixer(I still pull out a cassette tape on occasion 8)

My Youtube Page

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Age: 24
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Gear: See my signature...but the good stuff is:

Acoustic: Martin Baby!!!
Electric: Fender Strat----Fuzz-Delay-EQ-Comp-EPI VALVE JUNIOR

I've been playing guitar since I was a sophomore in college (2002). So that's 5 years now.

I'm very excited because I am going to be teaching a little guitar this summer for my school's summer program. I am an English teacher, but I was recently promoted to Assistant Dean, so my teaching time is dwindling. So I'm very excited to be teaching it, even though it's only going to be a class a week for 6 weeks. I guess that's a good thing when the Music Department Chair asks you to take on some guitar classes...when I've never had a class of it myself!!! Hooray for progress.

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Age: Man, I really like to keep you guys guessing with this one...But okay

Age: 19
Location: Long Island, NY for vacations, Philadelphia, PA for the rest
Gear: Gibson Les Paul Classic with a BEAUTIFUL AAA flamed top, into a Vox Wah Wah Pedal, into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

I've been playing guitar since I joined Guitar Noise in 2003. Or rather, I joined Guitar Noise after starting guitar in 2003.

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Age UGH Celebrated my 491/2 birthday yesterday. Great party. My twin sister and I wanted to celebrate our 50th, but we wanted to have a nice BBQ bash, so we opted for a summer shindig.

Location : Chicago IL.

Been playing since I was 12, 38years. I REALLY should be much better at this by now!

I play
Taylor Acoustic 12
Taylor T5
Tacoma elec/ acoustic 6 string
Hounddog Dobro
Dean Electric 12
and a Hamer hollow body that I barely play at all

Marshall Acoustic Amp
Line 6 spider amp
Hughes and Kettner Warp 7 amp.

Falling in love is like learning to play the guitar; first you learn to follow the rules, then you learn to play with your heart.

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My age : same as Taso's.

My guitar : Yamaha nylon string.

Been playing since April, 05 and know a chord or two right now. Can strum occasionally.

I am glad to be a part of this forum. :D


Vic Lewis VL
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Age UGH Celebrated my 491/2 birthday

So which was it? Four-hundred-and-ninety-first or four-hundred-and-ninety-second? I suppose if you're that advanced in years, one birthday's pretty much the same as do look remarkably well for it though!

Sorry Kath - couldn't resist!

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

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Hey Chris,

I think that you have more Johnsons than Ric!

:lol:Yeah, Chris has me heavily out-Johnsoned. :oops:

My Johnson gets enough TLC to make up for it, though. :P

"A cheerful heart is good medicine."

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Age UGH Celebrated my 491/2 birthday yesterday. Great party. My twin sister and I wanted to celebrate our 50th, but we wanted to have a nice BBQ bash, so we opted for a summer shindig.

Happy Half Birthday to you and your twin, Kathy! :D

..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
((¸¸.·´ .·´
-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´ -:¦:- Elecktrablue -:¦:-

"Don't wanna ride no shootin' star. Just wanna play on the rhythm guitar." Emmylou Harris, "Rhythm Guitar" from "The Ballad of Sally Rose"

Off He Goes
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18 years old, turning 19 in the fall.

Playing since I was about 14.

Art & Lutherie Wild Cherry Acoustic
Washburn D46SCE
Jay Turser Les Paul
Hagstrom HIIN (70's restoration project)
Samick Greg Bennett Mandolin
Fender Princeton Chours (being sold to my cousin somtime this week)
Traynor Guitar Mate 20
Behringer V-Amp


Vacate is the word...Vengance has no place on me or her...Cannot find a comfort in this world.

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Hi everyone :D

Well, I'm 37 years old.

Originally from the South Chicago 'burb of Tinley Park.
Been living in the Northwoods of Wisco since 2001.
Woodboro to be more specific.

Been playing since I was 18 (1988).
Had a few lessons sometime in the early 90's.
Mostly self taught, or what Uncle Bobby shows me. (He went to college for music. A classically trained bluesman)

I have an 88 MIA Strat that is my main electric.
And a pristine 71 strat that is my favorite.
A 91 Ovation Custom Balladeer w/cedar top that gets the most play.
And a no name hollow body from the early 60's with a single magnet only (no coil) pup in the neck that I use for slide.

I have an early 60's Harmony H303a 5 watt tube amp.
And I can play thru my JVC 2 channel cassette deck.
The amp volume acts as a master volume and the tape deck volume gives me different levels of distortion.

No pedals

And that's it.


"The man who has begun to live more seriously within
begins to live more simply without"
-Ernest Hemingway

"A genuine individual is an outright nuisance in a factory"
-Orson Welles

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