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That was great, thanks for that man. :)

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I could only watch until the hippies arrived. lots of cool memories. I remmebr the 60's as I was there.
what struck me is that the person who made this is obviously way too white and middle class.
there is no mention of the civl rights movement, the fact that blacks were 'given' the right to vote in the 60s. that the KKK was still lynching non whites.
romantizing the past pisses me off sometimes.
the sixties were not pretty if you looked.

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Thanks for sharing that TL..was truely "cool". Dogbite I agree with you. But I think its difficult to cover ALL perspectives in something like that slideshow. It really made me think of some of the differences I see in the younger generation today compared to what I saw growing up in the 60s. Back then, music had purpose. Gave a voice to the younger generation. It stood for something. A large percentage of the music today has no soul. Its easy enough to blame the record companies for that, but I do not see/hear ANY musician today that speaks for younger kids or has any type of conviction.

As a "hippie", it really gets to me that kids today do not get involved and are not standing up to demand their voices to be heard. Maybe its because music today's music is not offering them an avenue to do it. I don't know. It just bugs me.

Last year i saw Roger Waters at Madison Square Garden. During the concert he spoke out against the war. I was shocked to hear a learge portion of the audience tell him to get on with the show. Anyways, now that I've gone WAYYYY off topic. it was nice to "get back to the garden" (CSN- Woodstock) for a while. Thanks for sharing that slide show TwistedLefty!

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blueline, you bring up very good points. I do agree with you, because when I turned 18 I had to sign up for the draft. I could not vote and was too young to drinl legally, but I could die or kill for the USA.
I walked out of the draft office and burned my card right there.
music was a big part of our revolution.

I have to wonder if we have reverse eyes??? meaning, maybe todays music does not speak to us, but does speak to the new generation.
I have to believe there are some aware youths out there.
see, there is my 60's opitmism showing. irk.

I did enjoy the clip. it was the best decade. the 70's were good too, but I don't remember...stupor I guess. LOL