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I currently have a ME-70 multi-fx pedal... My fiance wants me to wear headphones while playing so I did but the sound quality SUCKS! Is there any headphones that people know sound great for playing and that arent pricy?

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You'll want full size studio style headphones, not the stuff you usually find in consumer electronics places.

Take a look at some of these that are in your price range:

AKG and Sennheiser are popular in a lot of recording studios and radio stations.

Personally I have a set of:
that I like to use with my V-amp

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I personally find it very annoying having to play with headphones. Removes quite a bit of the atmosphere for me personally and having to make sure your headphones don't fall off/wire not muting strings really didn't feel good.

Either way: AKG does have good headphones, but I'm afraid good headphones are always pretty pricey. Getting a good sound quality and durability is a bit difficult at low prices. Isn't there a place you can play while she doesn't hear it (for example a garage) or a time when she's out of the house while you're home? When I first got my amp I feared for loud noise but it turned out that it wasn't really an issue, maybe you can find a way to make it work too?

Sorry for the lack of advice, Kent_eh gave a short but very good explanation of what you're looking for!

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Do you happen to know what headphones you are using that suck? I use a cheap pair and am quite fond of them. Sony MDR-XD300. Over the ear types, supposedly a bit of noise cancellation. (yeah, right) My ears don't appreciate increase in headphone quality unti I step up to something like a Dr. Dre Beats kind of thing that my Son has. Even then, I don't play loud enough to really appreciate. Your mileage may vary.

.....and to some far more boring reading and only semi related after the first paragrah.......may or may not apply to current or future neads: Just warning that I'm now getting wordy.
also, the ME70 uses COSM. It's my understanding that COSM will automatically convert the output into what's called "line out", or something like that. I normally have a line running from my GT-10/headphone to my PC's mic in, just so that I have a different channel to listen to that's easier to isolate from various backing tracks. Due to that, I leave a headphone jack in at all times just so that when I create my parches, they're done with the same output device in mind.

Alternatively, if you've created patches on your 70 that you've run into amps, it's going to sound different when the output device is FRFR headphones or PA or something.

Anyhow, that's the theory. Right now with my current office/studio setup, I've taken my small tube amp out of the equation and run two lines into PC and one into a PA/Keyboard amp. The two lines into the PC provide me a seperate line that I use to record with. It's the USB line. I run the GT-10 -> headphone out to my PC's -> mic in. This allows me to fine tune what I pickup with recording software volume wise, but enables me that second view to use to heave my guitar at whatever volume I want to when recording. It's especially helpful when I use high gain. I can minimize what I hear via recording software and PC without affecting what actually gets recorded. I've got a Migraine Trigger that kicks in if I don't do all of this.

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