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HSH Yamaha Guitars
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HSH Yamaha Guitars

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Prefer Australian Responders only

Im thinking of getting a HSH Yamaha guitar that needs to be better than the Ibanez GRG170DX, Yamaha RGX121S and RGX121Z.
Im looking to spend around (preferably less than) $400AUD (ie; $300 USD max) @nd Hand (in immaculate or near perfect condition)

If these the following guitars are better or out of the price range could you please tell us:

Yamaha 1221MS
Yamaha ERG-121
Yamaha MSG
Yamaha Pacifica 1221
Yamaha Pacifica 1421
Yamaha Pacifica 521
Yamaha Pacifica 921
Yamaha RGX-321D
Yamaha RGX-321FP
Yamaha RGX-321FP-R
Yamaha RGX-421 Pro
Yamaha RGX-421D
Yamaha RGX-421DM
Yamaha RGX-421DZ
Yamaha RGX-521
Yamaha RGX-621D
Yamaha RGX-721DG
Yamaha RGX-821D
Yamaha RGZ-321P
Yamaha RGZ-621

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