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I need a cheap/good...
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I need a cheap/good electric guitar.

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I've been playing for 2 years, so I'm not sure where that puts me as far as beginner-intermediate. I've got two acoustic guitars (Yamaha FG700 and a Fender Resonator) but now I'm looking to buy a quality but pretty inexpensive electric guitar. Any recomendations? I'm looking to stay under $200, at most I'd pay $250, but idealy I'd like under $200. I'm also wondering, what is the difference between solid body/hollow body?

Also, what would be a good amp to buy? I don't think I'd be playing any real gigs ever- don't have the confidence for that, maybe just some house gatherings or something. I have a 10-watt amp now, but it's a POS and I'm looking to get something a little more substantial.


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Hurley --

You'll find two schools of thought to inexpensive electric guitars around here.

One group will tell you that guitars like Agiles and Squires are just as good as the inexpensive name brands, and you should pick one up asap.

The other group will tell you that every inexpensive guitar is inexpensive for a reason, and will recommend real quality over price every time.

I'm in the later group. If you've been playing for 2 years, you've probably reached the point where you would actually get something out of a higher quality instrument. So my advice would be, stop looking for the cheap out. Instead, go play everything you can at a store and find a guitar that you really like, figure out what it will cost you, and then go about setting aside that money so you can afford it. You will be happier in the long run!!

If, however, you really really really want something now, then the Agile and Squire defenders will be here to help you out. They do make some ok guitars, but, like I said above, they are cheap for a reason!

As for amps, there's a lot of good inexpensive amps out there. Wattage is not that important and certainly not a sign of quality. There are some fantastic 10 watt amps and some really crappy 100 watt ones. Further, wattage doesn't equate to volume either.

So what do you mean by "substantial?" What type of music do you play? If you're doing the typical rock/blues thing, the Epi Valve Jr. is a very nice little amp that is very affordable. There are others as well.

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Well KP, I am on both sides of that fence! To me, its like cars. I drive a Ford truck which is good for my needs. A Mercedes or BMW is obviously nicer, but I am happy with my Ford. If you want a Mercedes, then it is worth the extra $$$.

I own very expensive, quality, name brand guitars (read - Gibson and Fender). I love all of 3 of my Gibson Les Pauls and my Fender American Strat. Great instruments that play, feel, sound and look great. I recommend them highly.

I also own an Agile AL-3000 (Les Paul copy) that I like very much too. Of course, I can tell that it isn't quite as "quality" as the Gibsons, but it still is a nice guitar in its own right. It also feels good, plays nice and looks great.

For some players a nice, inexpensive guitar is all they need to make them happy. If so, go for the Agiles. If you want a great, expensive guitar - then go for it. Either choice is okay.

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If you do want an Agile, here is where you go:

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My single electric is a Yamaha Pac112 that I'm quite satisfied with, I think it cost about $200.

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+1 for the Pacifica. Great instrument for the money. I love mine.


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I think the cheap-o guitars are great to have as knock-around instruments, 2nd or 3rd instruments, or "modding" instruments. If you are looking at this as a main electric guitar for yourself, I would suggest looking in the $300 - 500 range and get something that you will WANT to play.

To that end, I would suggest a Fender Telecaster HH (Humbucker-Humbucker) or FMT (Flame Maple Top) or a Hamer SATF (Sunburst arch-top Flame maple). Both are around $300 - 425 and both are high-quality instruments. I own one of each, and they are solid. They are not "pro-quality" but they are excellent mid-level instruments.

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My two cents... buy 2nd hand...

Either a used Squire strat, make sure it's made in Japan or Korea, so its gonna be late 80s-90s.
A used Epiphone Les paul, again, something 10yrs old or more would be a better bet... Depends what style you're looking for.

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Well, I don't know what you are willing to spend on an amp...?

IMO - buying a $200 guitar and a $500 amp is a HUGE mistake.

I'm all for a Good guitar and an inexpensive amp.

A little Epi tube amp for $100 bucks and..... This. (Well worth the buy it now price)

Or something along these lines....

I agree with the buy Quality at low used prices.
You don't always have to buy new.
I think that's a much better option.
(I would prefer to play the guitar first - so I'm not big on Ebay... You get the idea though)


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I was in the same boat as you, except I was looking for under $300.

My favorite guitar was a Jackson rr3, more then double my price range. I had played several guitars in my price range and none of them really came close. I knew if I bought one of them I wouldnt exactly be happy with it.
About 6 months later I bought a used RR3 off ebay for $305.

What I am getting at is go find the guitar you want, and do what it takes to get it.

For amp, I dont know what kind of music you play, but I would suggest a 15 watt Vox Valvetronix. I also bought that used for under $100.

Used is your friend