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John Entwistle play...
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John Entwistle playing bass

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Just found this Youtube link
Its John Entwistle isolated when playing bass on "Won't Get Fooled Again" from 1978.
What a Bass player !


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You should listen to "The Real Me" if you haven't already .

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Thanks for sharing that link Kalle!
I've always thought Enwistle was one of the very best. It was pretty cool to hear him isolated like that.

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An unbelievably cool video. I had seen him playing bass before and was amazed by how fast he moved up and down the neck but it's even better with the audio isolated. BTW does anyone know what kind of bass that is? It's similar to an explorer but I've never seen one with that headstock or three pickups.

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It's an Alembic bass.