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..looking for first Washburn or Squier

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Hi all. I am currently 22 and looking into guitars.
I'm planning on leaning the guitar and have been looking into a few guitars. I am looking for a first electric guitar and have a few ideas. If nothing else decent turns up, I might end up getting a Squier Standard Strat or Tele. They're popular and quite afforable in the UK. Some of the Washburns also look good, though I am looking for something that does more than rock. I am looking for something that can do a range of stuff, possibly including jazz, blues and maybe 80's music. I am planning on spending about £200 or preferably less I am looking for something that I won't outgrow too quickly, and would prefer not to spend too much on something like a Fender, at least not yet...
Are there cheap amps out there that are good for practicing and don't make too much (excessive) noise?

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Welcome to GN tachyon. 8)

Have you checked out the Oscar Schmidt Delta King by Washburn?

I have one. It's a great guitar. 8)

As far as amps, yes, they make a number of small practice amps that are very affordable. I don't own any, but you can find them listed at any online guitar store.


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Roland makes some really good practice amps in the lower price range. Behringer's V-Tone amp series isn't bad either.

Our songs also have the standard pop format: Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, bad solo. All in all, I think we sound like The Knack and the Bay City Rollers being molested by Black Flag and Black Sabbath.

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Welcome to Guitar Noise.

For a very effective, versatile and most importantly FUN setup for home or small gigs...

Squier '51: $100 USD (Can sound hot or similar to Strat and Tele)
Behringer V-amp 2: $100 USD or most any 5-15W amp if the neighbors don't care
AKG Headphones: $100 USD

Connected to the computer: priceless in any denomination.

In my mind, while playing this setup I can be anybody I want to be. :oops:

Heaven help anyone else who hears it. :twisted:


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a roland mocrocube might be a good first amp. there is also a small 10 watt marshall. orange makes a 15 watt amp.