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New guitar

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Hey everyone, I ordered a new amplifier (Epiphone Valve Junior) and I was thinking of upgrading my guitar to something half-decent. I was thinking of looking at either an Epiphone Les Paul (most likely the standard model) or a Fender MIM Standard Strat. The problem is that I like just about anything from AC/DC to Sabbath, to Metallica, to SRV, to Red Hot Chili Peppers etc. Basically alot of DIFFERENT types of music so I'm having trouble trying to figure out which would be most appropriate. For example I could probably get a great clean tone out of a Fender, but I doubt single coils work for heavy, distorted rock. I don't really have a budget right now, but I don't think I would buy anything over $1000 right now. Anyways, if anyone has any advice on any guitars I should check out, and if anyone has some comments on either of the two guitars that I mentioned that would be great (perticularly how the Epiphone Les Paul compares to Gibson's, and how the MIM Strat compares to the American Strat). Thanks alot.


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You could go with a Strat with a humbucker in the bridge position. I have a MIM Strat and I am extremely happy with it. It has all single coils though. I have an Ibanez Artist to satisfy my humbucker needs. I don't think I'll be getting a MIA Strat anytime soon. There is nothing lacking in my MIM that I need to upgrade it.