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Epiphone Casino good for Blues tones?

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Hi, I've been playing blues stuff and may have found a cheap used Epi Casino. This is the full hollowbody with P90's.
I've been looking at Epi Dot, Ibanez Artcores.. I know it does the nice beatles sounds, but will it be a decent Blues guitar also, through a tube amp?


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Hi :D

My guitar teacher back in the early 90's had one that he bought new in 65 or 66 or so.
It was really cool.
The paint was all checked and wore off and one of the p-90s had some tape helping it along and he had match sticks
under the strings at the nut :D

It sounded great when he played it. :twisted:
We played mostly the blues.

I really like the Epi Dot, though personally I'd rather have single coils. (P-90s)

As for playing thru a tube amp - You might get some feedback.
Depends on the application and the type of amp.
You'll probably get away with using a small practice amp.
Anything larger I would think the less preamp tubes the better for a hollow body.


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Yes -- great for blues. P90s are perfect for this. If the hollowbody feedback potential bothers you, stuff it with socks as a real blues guy would do, or just push a piece of black poly foam (maybe 1.5 in x 8 in. x 2 in thick) into each F-hole to seal the holes.

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