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Reverb pedal options?

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I am looking to buy a reverb pedal. I have always had reverb built into my amp so I have never needed nor sought out a reverb pedal to use. The Orange does not have reverb and I realize that I am very used to the sound of reverb and would really like it to compliment the amp. I will probably end up going used, unless I just decide to pull the trigger on a Joyo. Looking to spend $100 USD tops. If you need anymore info please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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I've heard that *cringes* Boss Reverbs are good... for a room type sound...

But honestly...i tell you from personal experience:
Try to get used to a dry sound, note definition is much better, and when you get to the venue and play live, the room will add a noticeable amount of reverb & depth to your sound. I found good pedal at this website .

And this video helped me.