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Your earliest music...
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Your earliest musical memories?

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Johnny Mathis singing "Do You Hear What I Hear" around Christmastime, the start of a lifetime loathing of the man's voice. (I ran from the stereo & hid my head under my pillows.)
LMAO. My mother loved (still loves) Johnny Mathis and remember clearly always hearing it play from when I was very young. That said, did it influence me in any way? ASOLUTELY NOT!!!

I'm not shy about the following and I know some people think its the most horrible thing there is on this earth, but I use to smoke a lot of marijuana back in high school. My influence in what I like to listen to and what I like to play on the guitar comes directly from the day my friend said, "You've gotta hear this...." and planted me in front of his new stereo system. He wanted to show off his stereo, but it was my first time hearing Gilmour's solo in Comfortably Numb. Ever since then, which was over 20 years ago, there probably isn't more than 2 days that I don't listen to something from Pink Floyd or David Gilmour. I haven't really done much of anything on the guitar other than learn some Pink Floyd stuff. David Gilmour is really the only reason I have a guitar. Lot of other cool stuff out there, but every time I pick up the guitar I end up playing some Gilmour instead of trying to learn something.

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Earliest musical memory - my dad yelling up the stairs "Alan, the Beatles are on telly" and me rushing downstairs to see that grainy black and white film they still show on VH1 for "She Loves You" - but that was the day it went out live.

Then, pre-school days, Petula Clark on the radio singing "Downtown" - still one of my all-time favourites. 1963 sometime?

"Michelle" - The Beatles again; memories of being in my Gran's garden during the summer.

"Bridge Over Troubled Water" - it was constantly on the radio whatever year that was.

A :-)

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Hmm if I have to be serious about this then it was some of the same songs Alan just mentioned and also my father was into Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass and my mother was a huge Frank Sinitra fan but we only heard Frank and some Perry Cuomo records around the holidays.

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I remember wondering what exactly blues suede shoes were as a kid........

I remember rewinding a queen tape I had to play Bohemian Rhapsody over and over every day!

I remember being in the car one day and hearing "I AM AN ANARCHIST, I AM THE ANTICHRIST" for my Dad to swiftly change the channel lol.

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Well I was hanging around in the womb one day and heard this raucous coming from the ceiling above unfortunately still only being a fetus I couldn't tell if it was Elvis or Chuck Berry, but I do remember tapping my feet to the beat.

OK, I'll be serious too, now.

I was somewhere around age 4-5 when the world became an audible one. I remember hearing the song "Hey Good Looking" by Hank Williams Sr at a truck stop moving back to Vermont from Virginia at age 6. Also a few AM Gold gems on the trip as well. This would be '71. Along that time came my first ever favorite song. American Pie by Don McLean. Until recently, I thought the American Pie came before the move. Now I'm not sure.

My mother, with same ear as I have, had a small number of albums. I remember seeing the meet the Beatles album. I do not remember her playing them. Ear issues. Music needed to be very quiet. I think it's a why bother type of thing. She doesn't remember much of that small collection other than Roy Orbison being her favorite. Nowadays her ear isn't even functioning except to give her ear aches and Vertigo. The hearing aide is in the right ear now, and it's a better one. She's able to enjoy music more. I think I'll find some Orbison CDs and send up her way. I'm pretty certain she has a CD player. Must find out.........

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