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Your Fantasy Guitar Collection

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I wouldnt want a ridiculously huge collection like 500 guitars. id never play most of them. 10 guitars would be about right. my dream collection would be a gibson black beauty les paul, a Gibson yellow korina explorer, Gibson fireburst firebird VII with whammy and gold hardware, Fender Stevie Ray Vintage Strat, Gibson Double Neck, a G&L Tele, a Fender 12 string acoustic, a Garrison acoustic-electric, and a Ibanez 60s Jumbo. How about you guys, whats your fantasy guitar collection. let your mind run far beyond whats in your bank accout ahah

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All new off the rack or can we get pick old wood?

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My 'proper' fantasy collection would be everything I've ever seen that I liked the look of ;)

My 'achievable'* fantasy collection would be fairly small - A 'proper' Gibson Les Paul, an Ibanez Iceman, a gorgeous small-production-run guitar I once saw in a magazine (J J Hucke Nightblade), what I've got now and a few custom ideas I've had floating around in my head for the last few years.

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Mine would be nice and simple:
A Gibson Blueshawk
A Vintage Gibson 335
Matching Fender American Deluxe Tele and Strat
A Seagull Original S6 Cedar Acoustic
A Seagull Coastline Cedar 12-String Acoustic
An ESP Eclipse II
Gibson X-Plorer
Gibson ES-120T

I think thats a well balenced dream list.

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I'm happy to say I own most of my dream list.....

A nice maple FB tele, a beat up old classical I love to death despite it problems with action and intonaition higher up the board, a strat that's been my workhorse and baby for long enough to be an extension of me, three different but equally nice acoustics (Ibanez, Martin D15, 1978 Ovation), and a couple of pretty solid hubmubcker azes.

If I'd, I'd get a maple FB strat, a Jeff Beck signature strat, a mahogany bodied,/rosewood FB strat (for dark jazzy stuff), a jazz guitar (Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion in dark blue with gold hardware), a resonator, and a coupl of 'backups' that would essentially be replicas of the existing collection. but that would be if e.g. I was making a living touring and/or recording, when such items would be necessary. A nice black or blackburst Les Paul would be nice too, I suppose. But I am actually fairly happy with my lot as it is, tbh. GAS is abated for now, lol.

I'd like a better/wider amp collection, though. But I'm pleased with how my Marshall held up recently, so again it'd be things like a backup of that one, some others that are easier to cart around, and maybe a Mesa Boogie (always wanted one, never been able to afford it and the regular repairs I've heard go hand in hand with owning one).

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I don't know too many guitars, but the ones I've seen and would like to have is a Black and White Gibson SG, a Zakk Wylde Les Paul, A white Gibson Acoustic, and a Gold Strat and a Blue and Yellow Les Paul

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I'd simply like to have Les Paul's collection for my own.

Every time Gibson designs a different model with his name on it, they send him one. :D

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I'll just settle for Nigel's collection, as seen in Spinal Tap, including the amp that goes to 11: