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Calling All Brit's

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Ok - This is a post of DHodge's (aka - The Great One) it is on the News board, but I thought I would post it on all the boards so that everyone has the opportunity to read it.

Original Message
Hip hip and cheerio, then, mates!

Alright, that is pretty incredibly lame, but here's my problem...

Pet wants (demands, really) a Guitar Noise Seminar. In Midlands, of all places! Hey, I don't blame her! But in order to come to England, I've got to know that it's going to be feasible. So...

I've been working the numbers and I think that if I knew I could have three seminars with six to ten people at each one, then I should be able to swing it. Any thoughts? Let's say we have one at Pet's in the Midlands, then we'd need to get two more sites set up. We'd also need to discuss topics and all that.

Shall we shoot for sometime soon or perhaps this fall?

Open to discussion...