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Glastonbury 2009

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Watched loads of this year's festival on TV over the weekend.

Just stunning!!!

Highlights for me:

Brilliant and talented newcomers that for me are worthy successors to Crosby Stills & Nash.

Neil Young:
You never know what you are going to get with him but his set list was right on the button for me. Loads of classic tracks from "The Harvest" album and then a outstanding rendition of "Rockin In The Free World" as a closer.

Crosby Stills & Nash:
We could have been back at Woodstock, just perfect, these guys may look past it but they are as good as ever.

Bruce Springsteen:
What a guy! He had a ball we we were treated to possibly his best live show ever. He played non-stop for well over two and a half hours with the East Street Band and broke the Glastonbury curfew by 9 minutes. It cost the festival organizers a £3,000 fine but they all said it was worth it, and it was believe me!

What did you guys think of it all?


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I saw Status Quo and Bruce Springsteen yesterday, both gave great performances. Saw some of CSN, who were also very good.
I saw a bit of Franz Ferdinand and decided that Sky News with its Michael Jackson rotating 15-minute slot was preferable. Didn't see much of anything else, I had other things going on.

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I'm not really a big Bruce fan, but yes, it was a heck of a show he gave.

Fleet Foxes were great, I agree!

I also really enjoyed the Bon Iver performance; it's worth checking out the BBC video.

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I've just finished watching* Neil Young, and I'm even more in awe of him than I was before.
I don't think there's a single note left to squeeze out of that Les Paul after he finished Day In The Life.

* Clearly not live, as I'm half a planet away.

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If you're gonna overrun by 9 minutes, why not by 90? :?

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