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Best singer ever??
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Best singer ever??

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Ok, that title was just to get your attention, guilty as charged :D

This video has nothing to do with guitar, and maybe not even singing. But here is the amazing Lyrebird than can imitate the songs of many other birds. But watch the video completely, this bird can even make the sounds of a camera or chain-saw

I just thought this was an amazing video that others might think interesting.


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I for one found this very interesting - never heard of a bird imitating mechanical sounds.

Imagine humans trying to win the heart of a female by turning the lights down low, pouring a glass of fine wine and putting on a CD of lumber jacks working.


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Never heard of it? LOL we have flocks of starlings around here that include the sound of a Trimphone in their calls (an obsolete telephone for US readers). My aunt used to have an Indian Hill Mynah that said quite a few things, but its "piece de resistance" was impersonating the warm-up noises made when a TV set was switched on (my uncle and his son used to repair TV sets).

Very impressive to capture those sounds for posterity . . . but it is not Paul Robeson, is it?