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choose a key outside your comfort zone

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When I write songs I usually find myself gravitating towards the key of C - it's just the key that seems to fit my range best and make singing most comfortable. I've tried a few others, usually G and D, with some success, but C is the most natural.

Anyway, today I decided I'd had enough of good old C, and come hell or high water, this song was going to start off in E. As I found myself striving for the unfamiliar notes at the higher end of my range, I realised that this was making my singing sound a lot more interesting. Instead of comfortably going between notes I can handle, the challenge of this key was injecting more emotion and dynamics into my sound.

I don't know the technicalities behind it but I am definitely going to be singing and writing in E more often. So if you feel like your singing has become stagnant and monotonous, try pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to find that mojo again.

Disclaimer: I am not a singing teacher but I'm pretty sure there is no danger in testing the limits of your range briefly. If you continuously sing at the extremes, though, you may develop problems....

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This is exactly what my singing teacher had me doing last week ..

I have naturally a deep voice , when I sing it ( before singing lessons would for some reason get very gravelly . I actually hit some very high notes way outside my comfort zone .

I took along a song I wrote in SSG ( recording ) and she listened to it and told me , that she wanted me to sing it higher much higher .

So while she tapped the piano key to get my voice up higher and higher
( I was thinking the whole time I 'm going to explode :lol: )

But I sang the song right up there and now practice this everyday and I feel my range is improving .

Thought I would just share a magical moment in my mundaine life

Hilch :?:

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You never know do you?

I can sing a fairly wide swath of notes, 2 1/2 octaves, but I never started singing in the upper range until a few years back.

Now if I have to I can even make the break from falsetto to head to chest to diaphragm pretty smoothly even in the same run of notes.