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im haveing some tro...
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im haveing some trouble....

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sargent pepper
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idk if this is the right forum to post this at, but im writeing a song...
its hard to explain.. here's a short version of a long story to explain it better. :)

well... in the past 3 months my life has completly changed..
on my 15th birthday, my dad was dagnosed with cancer, and passed away a month later.
the fight he had was unlike any i've ever heard of..

14 years ago he somehow survived "nonhochgans limphoma" or.. something like that, and he fought and fought for about a year (it was a level 3 type.. thing) and he went into remition for 14 years.
then the same chemo they used to save him 14 years ago, caused the cancer this time and was repelent to any forms of chemo...
so slowly he struggled to stay alive, only beacose he didnt want to leave his family.
in the last week, he could barely talk, and didnt move, but struggled more than anyone ever should just beacose he wanted us to be ok.

now about 2 months later, i want to write a song about his struggle's and what he went thrue for us..
i got a chord progression going, but i cant seem to write lyrics.

is there any advice you can give me to help me get the modivation i can use to make the words to this song?

obviusly, this song is going to mean alot to me... so every time i try to make lyrics, i get all nervus and they all seem to be run together or too spread out.

when your strange, faces come out of the rain
when your strange, no one remembers your name
when your strange when your strange when your strange

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on my 15th birthday, my dad was dagnosed with cancer, and passed away a month later.

SP, I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. Very similar thing happened to my mom when I was about 12 (am 37 now). She died quickly.

As to your question I think there are two approaches that would work for you. First, accept the fact that what you put down on paper is not carved in stone and can easily be changed. In fact, as the song comes along its going to grow and mature and you will want it to change. I would start with just a brain storming session. Write what you want this to be about at the top of the page. Then write everything, no matter how silly or stupid it sounds, below that. Dont worry about rhyme, meter, content, or anything else. Just write. A common theme will probably start to pop out at you. Start the actual song from that. Dont worry about getting it all down on the first sitting. One of my favorite songwriters (Paul Baloche) says to think of your songs as a plant. Plant the seed (Brainstorm), give it a little water now and then, keep it pruned, etc. Give the song a little attention from time to time. As it grows go back and change the lyrics here and there to make it better.

Hope that helps some.. Good luck


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I haven't yet experienced the death of anyone really close to me. I can't imagine the pain of losing your father at such an early age.... my condolences go out to you and your family.

geoo gave you some awesome advice.... you should just work on getting your emotions onto paper...
try writing some poems...
as geoo said, don't worry about the structure/asthetics of it yet... just make your main points and then build on them..

for example..

One of your points might be.. you miss playing sport with your dad...
you can build a few lines based on this using metaphors, obscure personal jokes between you and your dad, or maybe write in the 3rd person.. whatever you're comfortable with..

each verse can reflect an emotion...

verse1. sorrow at your loss
verse2. remembering the good times
verse3. what your dad taught you
verse4. relief that his pain is gone.
Chorus - make this (obviously) the main theme of your song. THis is usually kept simple but very meaningful

You will obviously have your own ideas but i wanted to illustrate my point.

Leave the music until you have some of your thoughts written down and build the music around the words you write...

Pour your heart out onto the paper and it will come through in the song.

I hope i've given you an idea or 2.
Good Luck.


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Don't. Write songs about other things for a year and then go back to it. People think a lot of emotion equals a good song, but thats only the case if you already know how to write a good lyrics.
So, yeah, I would hold off. Have that be the thing that drives you.

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Tough thing to happen, especially as you're so young. I lost my father to heart disease, that he'd struggled with for 25 years, so when he died, it was no great surprise. It must be much harder when it comes so quickly. Whichever way, it doesn't change the loss - my condolences to you and your family.

As for your song, I suggest that you write, whilst the emotion is still fresh, but don't panic, it's not homework. My advice is to go to a stationer and buy either a small notepad or the small cards that you often see in offices for names and addresses. Carry the "notepad" and a pencil, wherever you go - you never know when a line, a phrase or idea will hit you. When it does happen, write it down as soon as possible (immediately, if possible).

When you have a few ideas, try to "flesh them out" into lines - but don't worry about metre or anything, just let things flow.

It may take 3 months, it may take 6, but you'll not only have the song to remember him by, but also some happy memories of him along the way.

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