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Me Singing Cinnamon...
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Me Singing Cinnamon Girl and Walk of Life!

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I decided to play along with the guitar so you won't hear my voice :P As of the moment I'm having a bit of a cold and a throat ache so I'm not in my top singing mood, but if I don't upload it now I'll never get around to do it.

In Walk Of Life, please listen to the end or just skip right to the end if you don't have the time since in the start I sound a bit crappy, it gets a little bit better towards the end. I just sing the first verse and chorus so it's short.

Cinnamon girl I know I could've done better if I would've skipped the chocolate I just ate, and that goes for both songs :P

All critique is good critique, it can only help me get better.

And finally I would like to thank David Hodge for his extraordinary lessons which made me able to play these two brilliant songs.

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Good job on the songs. Before i offer advice and sound all negative, ill say to you, and anyone, who's brave enough to record their own voice and let others (and themselves) listen, good job :). You have the foundations there imo, you missed a couple of notes here and there and there was a bit of inconsistency in places, but its nothing that cant be fixed!

For the off notes, you may want to sing scales. Generally this can tune your voice, but if you know the key of the song you want to sing then this can help even more so... but then again if your singing more Neil Young you might not want to be pitch perfect :)!

Your voice sounded a little to me that you lack a bit of character, this comes with practice. But the best advice i can offer is keep doing what you are doing. Record your voice, listen to, try adjust it to how YOU want it to sound, be critical but don't give up. The vocal cords are responsible for only the actual vibrations that make the noises that leave our mouths, but the sounds quality depends on our muscle shape and our bone structure, of course we cant change our bones (try as I might) but we can strengthen and adjust our muscle shapes. Get to know your voice and get to know what and how you want to do with it.... but keep on singing :).

All the best,

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