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i was just wondering if it is possible to scream musicly..i wrote this one song that im in the middle of recording and you cant really sing the lyrics i more shout..i cant realy sing...and i dont think i can shout well eathier but if anybody knows...?

im not like them
but i can pretend
the sun has gone
but i have a light
the day is done
but im haveing fun
i think im dumb
or maybe just happy
i think im just happy..i think im just happy

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Do whatever your heart desires.Singing is in one's own power.If people don't like you screaming , give them earplugs.I mean don't fear because of what others think of you.

Just do it the best you can , scream , wail , howl , cry , and ........just anythings about :wink:

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Yeah sure you can scream in key. Listen to some of the Beatles post acid stuff, at times McCartney positively loses it - but its in key.

I think there was a thread on here some time back about the best scream in music, can't find it now.


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Part of performing is being theatrical. If the song build to a frenzie and you let out an ear peircing scream then its going to come across well.

It wouldnt really have to be in key either.

Say you were performing a rather loud and electric song about a riot from the perspective of someone who is really wanting to get away from the situation. The guitars are building along with the storyline and a the moment where the gang captures the poor fellow and begins to pound him, you let out a scream like the life is being beaten out of you. Does it work? I'm getting chills just writing and thinking about it.

Heck, think Nirvana

Scream away. :twisted:


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Yeah, some songs you gotta scream. We cover Lithium by Nirvana. Man, the chorus is nothing but screaming.

But I am not screaming loud. That will blow your voice quick. You have to get right on the mic and keep your scream down. To the folks it sounds loud, but you are not really screaming loud at all.

And you must exercise lots of breath control on screams or you will run out of air quick. So you are not really screaming loud, and you are using very little air. Songs like Lithium, it takes lots of practice to get the breathing down.

As for best screaming songs, it is hard to beat John Lennon on Twist and Shout. His voice was simply amazing on that song IMHO.

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Wes is spot on.

In order to get the high notes or screaming or whatever it is that is stretching you, you need to power down, not up.

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For good screaming that accents the music beautifully, check out Pink Floyd's "Careful with that axe, Eugene." Don't know if it's in tune, but it sounds great. 8)

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"Child in Time" - Deep Purple.....

:D :D :D


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if you want to check out mccartney going a little bit crazy, if im right, listen to helter skelter, if it is mccartney, he abosultely goes nuts

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Isn't there a whole genre of music called screamo?

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i was just about to say the same thing.
SCREAMOOOOOO!!! (i love screamo)
everyband needs a screamer, too.
have you never heard of screamo?
crazy person.
try kids in the way.
wait. you've prolly never heard of them.
i dunno.
it's late.

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im not a huge fan ok linkin park, but their singer/screamer is amazing. He can scream notes, and sounds awsome. I also love Phil from Pantera, but he isnt screaming, thats more of a grunt raspy singing i guess....i dont know.

im workign on my voice... tryign to make it soudn more metallier i guess you could say.

i kinda think about my voice in guitar terms...which is weird i guess...i start singing and think "clean channel" then when i go to a gruff type, ill think "stepping on sd-1 super overdrive...adjust drive.....volume..tone...." weird but i really do that.

there are more that 1 way to yea. rambling done.

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Screamo rocks.

Some really good screaming music is like Avenged Sevenfold before City of Evil or Atreyu or Norma Jean or something.

Cant get enough of it :).

Apparently theres this DVD out that teaches you how to scream. This lady taught that dude from slipknot how to scream (dont know his name, dont much care for the band). Id like to check that out.


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