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Throat Spray
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Throat Spray

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Does anyone use any kind of throat sprays? if so, what do you use and do you find them effective?

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not to be too much more flip;
clear alcohol in the summer, usually includes a lime.
and brown alcohol in the winter. no ice.

when I worked in a hospital years ago a nurse swore by throat sprays. she wasn't a singer. she liked the topical relief from some medicated sprays.

on the singing side of things...I have seen old movies (3 Stooges) where the operatic character used a atomizer.

a warm salt water gargle is extremely soothing.

never sprayed.

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i got yer warm salt water gargle right here. :lol:

i've seen people recommend various throat sprays, but you don't want one that numbs your throat, because then you can end up doing more damage and not even feeling it.

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Tried them, don't like them at all.

For me the best things are (1) no alcohol on the gig until done singing (2) no cold drinks until done singing (3) warm water with lime or warm oolong/green tea mixture while singing (well not at the same time though). Keeping the throat warm and wet is the best thing for you.

Learn to breathe correctly (many singers do the chest breathe thing), use proper breath support from your diaphragm, don't sing your highest notes until you are warmed up, and of course, don't smoke.

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I am working on my breathing and that's making a huge difference. I am actually quite amazed. No expectations of having an awesome singing voice, but I'd love to be able to sing well enough that people don't run in horror when I do!

After just 3 days of breathing and vocal exercises I've noticed a definite improvement in my abilities. Still a LONG way to go, though.

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I don't use a throat spray but I do suck on a menthol/eucalyptus cough drop before singing. If my throat and mouth get dry while I'm singing I bite my tongue. It will fill your mouth up with saliva pronto. Don't bite so hard you bleed :D

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thermaflu works pretty well. im sick right now!