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A couple of YouTube...
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A couple of YouTube videos from me....

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In September 2006 I held a couple of lap steel clinics at a Vintage Guitar Show in Denmark, got a DVD of one of them, and forgot all about it until now... (duh!).

So, tonight I sat down and made two videos from it and uploaded them to YouTube, here they are:

"Unfinished Business" (including the ending of "God Only Knows", I did them as a medley)
"Poet On The Radio" (unfortunately the guy filming missed the beginning)

Because of a tight budget I couldn't bring extra musicians, so I had to make backing mixes and play them from my laptop, and use my POD - both run through a rather dubious "PA".
There's a few 'clunkers' here and there, especially in "Poet...", but what can you expect at 10AM... 8)

Hope you enjoy them!


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