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Tips for songwriting

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Hey everyone I am new to this forum, but I have been playing for a few years, and songwriting isn't limiting to you to notes on your guitar. I know we have all been stuck for ideas at one point or another for a song. I have a few things that help me when I need to come up with an idea...

1. Read poetry ( this really stimulates your mind, and gets you thinking because it's so abstract that it can lead to your own ideas, in many ways songwriting is poetry)

2. Don't listen to others music when writing your own ( This is my personal experience) When I try to write music while listening to my favorite band or make "spin-off" kind of lyrics it all turns to disaster. I find that it's better to listen to your head and your heart for truly good lyrics.

3. Don't thing you'll jump into a good song right away... you could, but good songs usually take a lot of time to write. Not sit down and think about it for an hour, but have the idea and let it grow in your brain for a while.

4. Think about things you are passionate about, and think about how you can mold your passion into it's own little world... being your song.

5. Take a walk and take it easy when thinking of an idea... a lot of times I get my best ideas when they sneak up on me.

6. A lot of the best writing is based on past events or when your in a certain kind of mood. It's difficult to write a melancoly song when your extremely happy. Now ol' Dave here isn't saying go get depressed, but I tend to stick to how I feel at certain times.

7. And I would say the most important is have fun with your lyrics.. let them adapt to your true self. Don't try and reinvent the wheel because everyones seen it already, and they all have it. It's best to go for new stuff, and explore that endless horizon.

I have no clue if someone else posted anything like this, but hey I did and I hope that somewhere it helps somebody. If anyone wants to add, or criticize it feel free :-) It's all good in the guitar hood ( most of this is opinion anyways, but I figure there's someone else out there who it'll help) Oh yeah.. David Hodge your the man.

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for me it's just look at the weekly assignment have a few beers ( ales )and go from there , if nothing comes to my demented head . i wait for the next weeks assigment , this could be why I have only ever posted one song ...... :wink:

be nice :!:


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