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Week 15 ~ Super pic...
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Week 15 ~ Super pickle girl

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alright. . .  i'm thinkin about doing one about an unwanted teen pregnency

v1: girls current life

chorus: traditional teen angst WHY???

v2: lookin at life with baby

chorus: teen angst

v3: kid growing, mom loving

bridge: at park, rejected by "traditional moms"

v4: somehow draw it all together

ok, yeah, this idea is good, but i can't put my thoughts together.  really scattered tonight

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Good idea and very powerful subject.

Good storyline as well.

Could use the last verse to 'grow' the Mother up as she realises she's now living for two.

Bob  :)

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I like you Idea a lot  very good topic choice.  

I would like to see the Female presective of this subject.  I worte my Ideas in a song called Cangradulations, Mom.  I can't wait to see what you come up with.  :)

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Yeah, I like the idea and the storyline. Now I want to see what you make of the song. :)


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She saw it etched in the bathroom stall
Sarah + Erik 4eva!
Smile stretched across her face
Only 3 hours untill she could see
His beaming face again
Tonight would be the night she knew
Give her body to him perhaps love would spring anew

Can you hear her tears at night
She was seeking love to last forever
Can you hear her bemoan her fate
How could she be in this state?

All she wanted was the love of one man
Now she knows she will recieve love
but not from a man, from a child, her own
Images flashed into her eyes
Diapers, no money, no fun
Her frivilous life she will leave behind
Not a child anymore, she will have one of her own


The most beautiful thing ever seen
A child bringing forth life to another
Questions came to sarah's mind
How can she give him what he deserves
His smile erases all doubt
Giggles of joy bring sarah to tears
What she detested at first, now she loves

Children laughing, Mothers loving
a sight for all to behold
One mother sits all alone
Her baby boy running with joy
Sarah sits and wonders why
No one sees her as they pass by

Maturity etched on a teenage face
A woman now, not a girl
Boys are her last concern
She no longer lives for one
She lives for her and her son

ok, i'm not happy with how this turned out, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Kinda an awesome idea, but no words to go with it thing.  GROWL!