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Week 25 - Headlines...
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Week 25 - Headlines.

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As promised in this week's topic, here's the place for you to add the headlines (I hope!) you've been collecting over the past week.....and if you come up with any more this week, add them to the list.

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Here are some news headlines from Thailand :

Passenger brawl heralds end of Metal Age for Thai Airways

Thai producers urged to build Thai chicken brand

Bangkok: House of top health official hit by M-79 grenade

Thais ranked as fourth heaviest drinkers in the world

Gambler dies after shooting himself in testicles: Thai police

Going through hell for leather: Thailand's dog meat trade

2 Teenagers Arrested For Khaosan Road Murder

Thai men freed after stroll into Malaysia

Unlicensed Bangkok clinic owners arrested for putting patient into a coma

People warned of wild elephants in Chacheongsao

Antigovernment protesters start back up in Bangkok

The Leather on Those Golf Gloves Might Come From a Stolen Pet in Thailand

Tattooed body found off Phuket beach, believed to be foreigner

Five metre python saved from shocking death in Pattani