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Y5week34 snow in august

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hey:-) i hope you like it!

Snow in August

You've been leaning against that old oak for months now
Your hands deep in your pockets, your eyes fixed on the sky
You hoped it would break
And the tree would be a skeleton supporting your view with shaking hands
But it never once broke
And the tree is a ba.stard of an oak, alive with birds you heard never mate for life
Well, ducks do
But who cares, he said
Well, you do

And now you're waiting for snow in the middle of August

Some weeks ago a child threw stones at you
Just to see if it's true and you wouldn't move
Then it got scared and dashed back to the path
Where people behave like they're supposed to
A hunchback with a walking stick once came up close
He'd heard you mumble “a song belongs to no one”
And he said: “Yes, it's awful how people just keep moving on,
But you'd better desert this place, before you're given up for dead.
And if you tell yourself it's easy, you may well find it is”
He flinched when your bloodshot eyes settled on him
Well, he never approached you again

And it's you, the sky, the tree, the same letdown for days on end
The clouds gather and vanish, the colours shift
The birds' songs still make you sick
The sky, it does not break
But who cares, they say
Well, you do
And you're still waiting for snow in the middle of August.


"oh, eventually it will break your heart" - anders wendin