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Y9 W14 - Too Many S...
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Y9 W14 - Too Many Saints

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Hi all

When I looked at the list of Saints that the link took me to, I couldn't believe my eyes and I said to myself with all those Saints looking after us, the world should be a great place to live... and I suppose it is for a lot of people, but there are others, past, present and future that would think the opposite...

Which made me think, too many Saints and not enough good guys....

The song could be about many rulers or dictators, so you can decide which one to put in the frame for all these atrocities - and more - but at the end of the day, money talks and the successor was welcomed with open arms by the western world so as not to upset the lucrative apple cart - disgusting!

I know it's not about a particular Saint, but I did get the word into the title and each verse! :wink:

Too Many Saints

Dictator rules a Congo state
Death a scratch upon a slate
No food on the shelves no money to buy
Too many Saints, not enough good guys

Steal the food meant for the poor
Keep the money you just send more
Go to vote and they cut your throat
Too many Saints, not enough good guys

Repulsive wealth fueled by greed
Western powers supply their need
Pay up, don't clown or be taken downtown
Too many Saints, not enough good guys

Suffer and survive the torment
Human rights is your discontent
Hear the shots and listen to the cries
Too many Saints, not enough good guys

Expect no help from political phonies
Imprisoned and raped by millitary cronies
Steal your kids wave your goodbyes
Too many Saints, not enough good guys

A country shaped by civil war
Ruling in fear with unwritten law
Try to hide from genocide
Too many Saints, not enough good guys

No easy answers no revolution
Death the only quick solution
Pray before you close your eyes
Too many Saints, not enough good guys

Thanks for reading.

D 8)

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Hi Dylan,

Good start :D I like your hook line and how it's the last in every verse. My other favorite line is "Death a scratch upon a slate"

It would be interesting to hear a melody line b/c being all AAA form it would have to be something you'd want to sing 7 times; unless you figured some variation along the way.

Thanks for sharing.