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ESD Index

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Now that it's up and running, feel free to cut and paste if you see a new entry.

I think I'll have Dan T. create a post, I'll cut and paste the index into it and make it sticky. That way he could keep it up to date by editing his own post.

If he wants to do it that is. I'd have Vic do it but he's frequently drunk and a little flakey. Nice guy and all, but I'd wonder what it was I was going to find in the morning.

Topic starter Posted : 27/10/2006 11:50 am
Illustrious Member

Yep, that sounds right.

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Posted : 27/10/2006 5:14 pm
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Great job on the project, by the way...


Posted : 27/10/2006 5:34 pm
Illustrious Member

Great job on the index, very helpful.


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Posted : 28/10/2006 1:28 pm
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Very well done. That was quite a large task.

Posted : 30/10/2006 3:23 pm
Illustrious Member

Thank you all.

Frankly I was amazed at how many songs were in there.

Topic starter Posted : 30/10/2006 3:37 pm
Illustrious Member

Thats really nice!! I had no idea we had that many songs :D --ken

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Posted : 30/10/2006 8:52 pm