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Yes, I know I already posted this under general discussions but I think it's something that often goes overlooked.

We all know that Rhythm and Timing are essential ingredients to playing music and without them it would sound pretty bad - kinda like mine does! Which is why I would like to see a feature on the subject. Yeah, I know I shoud just practice more with a metronome, but my understanding of the subject is very limited. Having a clear feature explaining everything I can do to help this side of my playing I would be very grateful for, after all it is the basics of playing an instrunment of any kind, but usually any attempt at the subject is very short and limited, usually assuming that the player will pick it up naturally. Well...I haven't, 12 years on, I still need it explaining to me! I read an article somewhere on your site that any player of any ability can learn to become a good player, I trust your going to stand by your word and show me how :wink: .

Even if you don't run this feature, I would like to hear your opinions on the subject.


Posted : 28/07/2004 1:19 pm
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Noteboat has written the following informative article on this subject:

Fretzky :)

Posted : 20/08/2004 5:41 am
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Yeah, I noticed that.

Just haven't getting round to reading it yet. Yes, I know, after I've moaned about all this, and I haven't even bothered to read it! Just been busy that's all.

But really, I don't know if that article was influenced by this post or not, but either way I do really appreciate the topic being covered and I will get round to reading it.

Big thanks guys.

Posted : 21/08/2004 1:13 pm