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Long scale strings on short scale bass?

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As some of you know, I got a new bass a few weeks back....a Shine violin bass, a cheap-and-cheerful copy of the Hofner Violin Basses Sir Macca played with the Beatles.

Now the last bass I had was a long-scale bass - also a cheap-and-cheerful copy, this time of a Precision Bass. I still have some spare strings (Rotosound Swing Bass, gauges 50/70/85/110) that I bought for that....will it be all right to put these on the Shine bass? And if so, what's the best way to go about it - cut some of the string length off first? And then maybe tape the ends?

I've only ever changed strings on a bass guitar once, and that was about three years ago, so I thought I'd better ask before blundering blindly in......

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Vic, you have changed strings on basses once more than me so, please, don't take into account this reply. :wink:

Last week I was reviewing the D'Addario site. I think my strings are fresh but I was looking for some info on strings, gauges, types, etc. because I will change them in some time.

There are several links in each D'Addario strings page to videos and PDFs with info. The man in the video cuts the string, I guess you could also cut the string and doesn't tape the ends.

Anyway, just a comment. Let's see the pros say.

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I've put long scale strings on my 32" bass for awhile now. I don't tape the ends of the strings, I just cut them short enough so the winds don't overlap on the tuner heads. You don't need to worry about the longer scale strings screwing up the bass, they may just feel a little different on a short scale.

I'm pretty sure that the longer scale strings feel a little looser on a short scale bass, but I think that depends on the string manufacturer. I would put those strings on your bass, see how they feel and then decide if you want to go with short scale strings.

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Quite the opposite. The longer scale strings have more tension and they are tighter on the short scale, IMO. I have an Eastwood Rocket and tried short scale strings only to find they were terribly floppy. Putting some long scale strings on seemed to be my perfect solution. By the by, I installed flat-wound long scale. rock on

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