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Boulevard Of Broken...
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Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

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I would like to play Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and I know all the chords.
I'm going to use this version of the song:
Some websites say I need to use a capo on 1st fret, others say I don't. So shall I or shouldn't I?
Also, how do I play the solo? Do I play them together (strum the 9 and 5 together and 9 and 6 together etc?) or do I play each one seperatly?

Thanks Guys. =]

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You're going to have to chose rhythm or lead. Rhythm DOES need a capo on the first fret. Lead (electric) doesn't have one and the multiple notes are plucked at the same time. I can't really think of a way to play them together because of the capo but from experience it sounds fine solo if you just do the rhythm.

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I agree that the rhythm part sounds good by itself, especially if you are singing the song at the same time. It is a pretty simple strumming pattern too. I haven't tried a way to play the solo and the rhythm together, but I'm sure someone on this forum could figure out a cool solo to throw in there at times that is similar (keeping the capo on the first fret). Otherwise, you can practice each separately and see which you like to play more.

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Hello Clozo I've tried it a couple of times (now I lent the cd to a friend so I can't play it again!) but from what I remember, the strum of the rhythm guitar it is mainly a simple Dd/ddu for each chord...of course you can find your own variation like


Don't know about the solo because I only play rhythm!


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for the solo play the lowest note of those two note sections with your index finger then lay it across the next higher string to mute it and play the top note with your ring finger.

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