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Chord progression tips

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If you can afford them I'd suggest getting some lessons or at the very least visit a book store or better yet a music store and get some beginner books for the guitar.

There are many flavors out there all coming to the same relative conclusions:

-basic finger exercises
-basic chords (open chords)
-basic strum and finger style patterns
-finally a few songs interspersed

Finding a good instructor will be invaluable to both your progress and the speed to which you do so.
Additionally, he or she probably works with a few beginner books as a teaching aid and source for you to study and practice with.
I want to do the instructor thing, but with my work schedule it's kind of hard to fit that in. As for going to a music store and picking up books, I was gonna go to one this weekend anyways to pick up a set of strings and maybe another pick, so I'll see what else I can swindle from there, lol.

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