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diagonal fingers...

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Okay so i've been playing for about 6 months and figured this would go away but it hasn't...
When I'm trying to play chords that go across 3 frets (open C and F, for example), i find my fingers are really crooked. what i mean is that my fingertips aren't hitting the fretboard perpendicular to the strings, but rather at an angle, kind of like this but even more pronounced (sorry for the bad picture, i can't post one from my computer, apparently)...

so is this a problem or not? will it correct itself with more finger stretching or are there exercises i can work on to correct this?



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Well, it'll limit your reach. It also puts uneven pressure against the frets - the ones where your finger is farthest from the fret wire may tend to buzz, and you may end up playing with more pressure than you need.

But it's really not a matter of getting your fingers more flexible - it's usually solved by getting your headstock higher. You need it high enough so your fingers line up comfortably with the frets.

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+1 for noteboats

Also if you sit and play, perhaps try putting the guitar on your other leg.