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Easy Popular Songs suggestions?

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I wasn't sure if I was supposed to post this in the Easy Songs section, looked like that forum hadn't been touched in a while so I figured I'd post it here for more hits.
I want to learn some popular songs of the 90's and present time. They need to be easy though, cause I'm not exactly the greatest thing on a 6-string. Are there any easy Pearl Jam songs or things like that? I only listen to Country music so I have no clue what's popular in the rock or alternative rock world.

Thanks for helping me out.


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I've got a few, I mostly learn songs I like so I don't know if you'll want to learn them.

Red Hot Chillipeppers - Californication (Might take a bit of practice to get that main riff right, but I just love this song and that's why I learnt it)
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come As You Are
Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah
The Kooks - Naive (It's more modern but I listed it since it's really easy if you play it with chords and with a capo)
Coldplay - Fix You.

That's a few tips, but try looking in the Easy Songs forum.

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I only listen to Country music so I have no clue what's popular in the rock or alternative rock world

It's been said on here many times in the past, but if you only listen to one sort of music (and only play one sort of music) then you are really limiting yourself - both in terms of picking up new guitar skills, and in gaining inspiration. (Often, in threads where people are "in a rut", the advice given is to listen to a completely different type of music than they normally would; and it works, too!)

Try tuning into a different radio station (theres are huge amounts to choose from if you listen online) and make notes of songs / bands that you hear which appeal to you.

You never know how hearing different music will change your tastes either; a year ago I was listening to bands like Savage Garden and artists like Robbie Williams (and Greenday were my "rock" band ); since listening to my brother's music collection, I've become a total metal-head!

So see what else is out there; you might even find that you don't like other types - if nothing else, this will inspire you to play more country!


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Not a top 10 hit, but I've heard it on the radio a couple times...what about Deep Purple's "Black Night"? Easy to play and real cool sounding.


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The first song I learned was Every Rose Has its Thorn by Poison. Its basically 4 easy chords throughout. The verses are just G-Cadd9 (possibly the easiest chord change in history =) for a while untill D-C into the chorus which is basically the same thing. Its tuned a half step down on the recording but as long as you're not trying to play along with it, you could make due. Nearly everyone digs this song, its pretty damn close to country as well, and its not too hard to sing along to.

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd is another one with easy chord progression and a decently easy lick that you can kinda piece together to sound decent without getting all the tricky bits down. Others that come to mind for easy 3 and 4 chord songs are Knocking on Heaven's Door and almost anything by Tesla (who??!??!)

Find a decent tab site like to pick up some tabs/chord progressions.

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Radiohead - Creep (Easy if you know how to play an E Shape barre chord, and a great way to practice if you don't).
Plain White T's - Hey there delilah (Easy if you are comfortable playing classical finger style, though hybrid picking/pinching techniques can work fine).

Really just about anything in the easy songs index is easy enough to play at least when it comes to those just showing chord charts and strumming patterns. I had a hard time playing from a chord charge but as you learn ways to play various chords and practice it get's easier to make a recognizable version of a song (in some cases you can play a song five or six different ways, all still easily recognizable).

I recently learned (not mastered yet) Missed the boat, I sissied out and looked for a tab because it just sounded like there was a lot going on and I suspected it was a two finger tapping type of song, and maybe it is... but I found two tabs for it, one arranged something like which sounds pretty much like the recording though it's hard for me to do, I think that song is my new hammer on pull off technique practicing song...



The other one didn't make any sense at all to me (this isn't the whole tab, there is a section of strumming some D chords and then probably a B chord of some sort though I don't recall now). The point being that a LOT of songs can be easy depending on the arrangement you find. Generally the more simplistic the arrangement though the easier they tend to be to play (most simple = chord chart, which still leaves figuring out strumming patterns etc up to you but at least memorizing the chords is usually easy).

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Are there any easy Pearl Jam songs or things like that? I only listen to Country music so I have no clue what's popular in the rock or alternative rock world.

Thanks for helping me out.

Last Kiss by Pearl Jam is really easy.

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Wonderwall by Oasis isn't too hard, if you can find a good tab. There's one in the Easy Songs section I posted, but I was a struggling learner at the time - now I know how to play it properly, I'll really have to update that thread.

Blur songs aren't too difficult, especially Song#2 and Country House.....

:D :D :D


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Some easy drop D songs which is always fun...
Santa Monica by Everclear
Where the river flows by Collective Soul
Remedy by Seether
Down with the sickness by Disturbed (this is somewhat hard to get to sound right but otherwise is easy).

Regular Tuning
Icky Thump and Seven Nation army by the white stripes are both easy songs (Icky Thump may be moderate difficulty, Seven Nation Army is one of the easiest songs I know).