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Guitar for very large hands

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Hey all, I have a buddy that wants to learn guitar with me. The problem is that his hands and fingers are as big as godzillas. Is ther a guitar maker who produces a guitar with an extra wide neck for people with large fingers? This guys fingers are so large he has to dial the phone with the back side of a pencil!

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I don't know of any off hand, but has he considered a bass? The strings are spaced far enough apart.

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If he wants to play guitar, he may have to get creative in the way he forms the chords, there's always more than one.
Acoustics- Seagull tends to be a bit wider
Classicals are usually wider- barres and mini barres on one might get him started, not sure if that's wise or not
Electrics, er other than LP style I don't know.

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Lots of people with big hands play guitar, and even mandolins. I thought my fingers'd never fit the strings, either. It gets better with practice.

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Some folks also get twelve string guitars and take off six of the strings. Not for everyone, but it might help.


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I have a student with fingers like a pound of sausages - he can stop three strings with one digit. He really works hard to try and get it right. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he doesn't, but he keeps trying.


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Thank you for all the replies. I think I am going to take him to the music store and check out a 12 string. That sounds like the best idea. I would like if he got an electric so we could play (guitar) together, does anyone know if the electric 12 string necks are as wide as the acoustic necks???
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I'm a beginner with pretty big hands, and when I first played with my electric sitar, I didn't think I could realistically play those little drone strings. These things are only 4mm apart from each other! Still, after going at it for a few days, my aim got more precise and I can play some short riffs on them (without using any picks). So, I think once you develop some muscle memory, it shouldn't matter so much how the strings are spaced.

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I'm pretty sure you can get a get guitar with a fat neck. Fender has a strat with a fat neck and there is also a Squier version too.


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two things you can look at that will help.

First, get a wider neck. If you play accoustic, look for something that has a classical width neck. If you play electric, you might have to look a little harder, but I've seen hollow-body adn semi-hollow body electrics with classical width necks.

Second, get a longer neck. You shouldn't have any problem finding guitars with 25 1/2, and 26 inch scale necks.

Combine the two, and you won't have any problems at all.

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I've got an Ibanez GAX70 that has a bit bigger fretboard. Still my easiest guitar to play.

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