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How do I stop my guitar pedal from buzzing??

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I have a Joyo Voodoo Octave Fuzz Pedal and whenever I plug it in to an AC adaptor it starts to buzz like all hell. It's not the fuzz because when I use it with a battery, there is no buzz.

How do I fix it? I'm new to guitar pedals and am very confused.

btw the pedal is 9vDC

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Well, let's start by assuming the electrical wiring in the room you're playing in is properly done and safe.

There's clearly nothing wrong with the pedal, because there's no buzz when you run it on a battery.

So the problem is the integrity of your power supply - try a different AC Adaptor.

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I wouldn't assume the wiring is properly done. Start by testing the outlet.

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Did you check if the pedal requires the same amount of power from the AC? Coz it can be one of the factors as well. I learned this from a guy in the guitar shop and he mentioned to me about the importance of having the correct power supply for you pedal solely because of this.