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I took the plunge!

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After playing a Seagull S6+GT last Tuesday at my local shop and really liking it, I decided that I wanted to check out a few other brands at GC, since they were having their green tag sale. I played a Breedlove, Yamaha w/sycamore back & sides, Ibanez, Taylor 110, & Epiphone Masterbuilt. They did not have a Blueridge or Seagull, which I also wanted to play. The Yamaha sounded very nice and looked even nicer. The only other guitar that really hit me, soundwise, was the Taylor. Since my local shop had both the Taylor & Seagull, I stopped on the way home. I played :roll: them both at the shop for a good while, going back & forth. The Taylor was definitely brighter, but I really liked the sound of the Seagull also. I can't really say one sounded "better" than the other, they both sounded different, but good. The final deciding factor was that the wider neck on the Seagull was much more comfortable for me, and was very noticeable for me when changing chords and fretting certain chords that give me grief, (ie: A & F) I really liked them both, but the Seagull brought me back and was within my budget, so I went home with a new Seagull S6+GT. :D Even better was that I got it for $349.00.

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8) 8) 8)

Excellent choice. Love my Seagull :D :D :D

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Nice buy! I've had mine for almost two years (in June) and it just sounds better and better.

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I too found those guitars to be similar.
I dont like the extra heft in a Taylor neck.
you made a good choice.

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Nice one.

I did the same and preferred the Taylor. Thats the funny thing about 'sound', its a personal thing which is why you need to try the guitars yourself.

Enjoy the guitar.

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Got the same guitar, nice choice. Enjoy it.