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I'm an acoustic jun...
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I'm an acoustic junkie...

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i've noticed over the past 3 1/2-4 months i haven't picked up any of my electric guitars. nor have i even glanced in their general direction. i have however became a 12 string junkie. i had traded a '96 mim tele for a mid 70's takamine 12 string and it is simply a ball to play. so much in fact that like i said earlier i haven't plugged in in months. i feel like i'm shunning the ugly children or something. does anyone else go through these phases? i never thought i'd ever want to play a john denver tune, but "take mehome country road!"

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I am a recovering acousic junkie, as I'm saving up for an electric, but I still have a huge GAS for a 12 stringer acoustic. 8)

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Doesn't matter how much time I sprnd playing other guitars, I always end up on the 6-string acoustic.....I got a 12-string acoustic a couple of months ago, never put it down for a week, but hardly touched it since....

1) It's a pain in the you-know-what to tune.....

2) God knows how long it's going to take to change strings...

3) Quite simply, I prefer the 6-string acoustic!


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I know what you mean - I go through phases too. They usually only last a week or so. The funny thing is, now that you've made me think about it, I really only go through acoustic only phases. Most other times I jump back and forth between acoustic and electric. There's just something pure about not fiddling with any plugs and bangin' out some chords or a lead line and hearing that baby resonate.


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I don't think I've played my electric in a year! It's just sitting in the corner looking pretty. I think it's going to get traded in for a nice classical. I played a Taylor NS42-CE that I can't stop thinking about....which must mean that I absolutely need it. :twisted:

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Same for me. I bought an acoustic 6 month ago, and since then I only played my electric twice. But I had been warned by a friend that if I bought an acoustic, it was soon going to be my first guitar. He told me: "Electric guitars are toys. Fantastic toys, but toys. Acoustics are the real thing."
I didn't believe him then, but I do now.
And anyway my electric is still here, just waiting to be plugged!

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I think you should go for it!

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I just decided I'm going to try electric for a while. But I too am a serious acoustic junkie.

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My acoustics will always be my first choice, but there's enough of a rocker in me to still pick up at least one of my electrics every day.

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Funny isn't it.

I have a 12 string, 2 electro accoustics, an electric.

But I play my acoustic 95% of the time, six string


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There is something pure and awesome about acoustics, and something else no one has mentioned: they're so easy! I can just grab it and take it out to the kitchen or the patio and strum away, just be purely relaxed.

I have to say, I think of myself as an electric player, no bones about it, but it's a totally different experience. When I play electric, I focus, concentrate my entire consciousness on the sound and the experience, but when I'm playing acoustic, I can just float away...

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I love that floating feeling, it's wonderful. And I do have to say, accoustics are a lot more straight forward. No knobs, switches, cables, and then yet more knobs on the amp. I've found myself on the back porch with mine when the weather is nice.

And then to feel that box resonating next to your body. Mmmm...


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Acoustics are just grab and play, I grab mine alot for practicing.