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Learn to play jazz without a teacher?

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i know how good i am, and i know how much i play, and i have no trouble believing that charlie parker played as much as he claims. if someone's not that good and he says he plays 10 hours a day every day, then he's either lying or has problems. if someone's the greatest in the world and he says he plays 10 hours a day every day, then go ahead and believe it.

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I'm still stumped at the people that play very well and then tell you they've only been playing a couple months!!

I'm not sure I beleive all of them but some have to be true and that sux.

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define "play very well"...

Some of the stuff. Learned in my firs six months playing still impressed the he'll out of people, it's still part f my "showy" repertoire. But there was a lot I couldn't do, like improvise (heck I didn't even know any scales and didn't know the names of half the chords I played...). I can do a lot of that stuff now , but no one bats an eyelid about it. I still think I've only jut started to play well though. And I def feel I still got a long way to go before I play well consistently or feel truly comfortable with my playing. But try telling that to the people I could impress in my first six months...

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