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learning songs without tab or music

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Is there a method to learning songs by ear. Can some one give an example of the process they use to figure out a new song on the radio or from a cd.

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Put the song on repeat, get your guitar out, play along over and over again until you get it.

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thats what i do too.

I also believe that is why scales are so important cause you train your ears to all those different notes and after awhile you get to where you can pick them up right away.

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I've always found starting off with the chorus first really helps me,for some reason.

Maybe it's because of its repetitiveness.
Another thing you can do is pick up any of the riffs that are in the song.

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Check out the three part series on the Guitar Column page for a step-by-step description. The articles in question are:

Happy New Ear

Unearthing The Structure

Solving The Puzzle

Hope this helps.