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Music theory books?

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I've been playing guitar for about 5 years now and I consider myself a pretty good guitarist. The problem is, I see all of these "iv, iii, viii, ect" things and I think to myself, I should know all this stuff! So now I'm going to teach myself music theory! I was hoping someone could suggest some good reading material for me to look into. Thanks! :D

P.S. Is this the right spot to post this?

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The book is authored by a participant on this forum; you can post questions in the Music Theory section. Can't beat that! 8)

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I own a copy of Music Theory for Guitarist by Tom Serb and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to explore music theory. And the ability to query the author is an incredible value!


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I have a copy of the Skeptical Guitarist Vol.1 and Vol. 2, and it's pretty nice:

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Noteboat's book is great, also look at the many many articles right here.

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The book I've used to learn music theory is the Hal Leonard Guitar Method by Tom Kolb.

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Here is a list that I own:

# 1 Music Theory for Guitarists by Tom Serb
# 2 A Modern Method for Guitar - Volumes 1, 2, 3 Complete by William Leavitt
# 3 Fretboard Logic SE: The Reasoning Behind the Guitar's Unique Tuning + Chords Scales and Arpeggios Complete
# 4 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory, 2nd Edition (The Complete Idiot's Guide) by Michael Miller

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