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Pick Ups - Which is better?

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Not necessarily 'better', but can someone advise me on the differences between Humbuckers and P90s. I'm not looking for a physics lesson, but as far as Les Paul's go, what can a P90 do that a humbucker can't and vice versa!
Thank you :)

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Yeah, "better" is a sort of swear word in guitar circles, like mentioning a fire in a crowded theater... :D

The way I've heard it described most often is that humbuckers are clearer and harsher, while p-90's tend to carry the warmth a lot better, though I really don't think that's 100% accurate.

They respond differently under volume, have different tonal qualities. I recommend finding a guitar where the same model comes equipped with either and give them both a shot through the same amp.

Lots of rockers who have avoided P-90's for their whole lives for their "jazzy" stigma, have found them very much to their liking once they really gave them a shot, so go for it.

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Gibson's P90's are single-coil pickups full tone, high output and biting treble response, Their most successful single-coil.

Which Humbucker are you asking about?

Here's a site to read about them. Gibson Pickups