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Poised to buy first guitar--DEAN

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Hello all,

As the title states I am poised to nuy my first guitar. Well, it is not my first, but my first purchase of a somewhat decent guitar. I am currently using a borrowed guitar and cannot keep it forever and want to grow with something I call my own.

S I will ask a an age old question, one that I have seen several times already, but perhaps in a more specific manner.

I have found a Dean Performer E Acoustic/Electric at a Pawn shop and just wanted some input as to whom might own a Dean/played a Dean and maybe get a few words as to what you opinions are on overall (from a more advanced than beginners point of view) about their acoustic guitars.

I don't have much to choose from where I am now, except the high end and alot of Chinese made guitars which sound like tin cans to me--Stagg seems to be pretty popular here.
I don't want to go so cheap and have to upgrade so soon.

I know this can be opening a can of worms, so just give me your opinions.

thanks in advance,