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question about barres

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maged farid hosny
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hello there people :D
ok here it goes, i just found out that when i barrre, a string or twoi is muted, because its usually stuck in a groove on my index or a fleshy part, is this an indication that i need more finger stregnthening, or whats it abouuut, what should i do :roll: .
help me plz and thx in advance 8)

chuck taylor roks

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Two things you can do:

Rotate your hand a bit (turn it towards the thumb) so you barre with a bit more of the side of your finger

Shift your finger slightly up or down to see if there's a position where no strings fall into grooves

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examine very closely how you are holding your guitar as well as what Noteboat has already said - I have found that in a more classical position (ie with the neck up in the air more) barres are MUCH easier....particularly if you point your thumb towards the headstock. This has easily been the best piece of advice i have had on this subject.