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Strange noise

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When I'm connecting my guitar to my laptop and switch guitar rig on I've got strange noise:

What's wrong?


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The higher pitched noise sounds like interference from the computer itself being picked up in the audio circuitry.

The lower pitched noise, I'm not sure about.

The built-in audio input on a lot of computers is often not that great.
It's good enough to record your practices to listen back, but if you want to record good quality, you should look at an external audio interface.
They'll connect by USB (or Firewire for the higher end ones).

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Yeah, I agree with kent. That is a bear sometimes to work with. Problem is tracking down the actual offending circuit. A lot of times the onboard pc audio creates noise like that.

I purchased a high end diamond sound card a few years ago for a project I was working on & it was crystal clear. Sometimes you get lucky...

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My first attempts at recording - about 5 years or so back - were marred by a high pitched hum, somewhat similar to the one you're experiencing. I asked the same question back then; got a few good answers, but the obvious one (well, it was obvious once I'd been hit over the head with it!) was that I was trying to record under a fluorescent light in a room full of electrical and electronic equipment. Could that be the problem - or a contributory factor - in your case?

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