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tablature question

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im trying to learn the song "babe im going to leave you" by led zeppelin. the second half of the intro is giving me a lot of trouble however...


the last for chords where you are hitting the second fret sixth string, 1st and so not sure how im supposed to hit that string, do I use my thumb or what?

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The best way is to use a finger to mute the A string. Where you are fretting the low E, you can let that finger "drop" a little to mute the A. Where the low E is played open, you can use the finger, that's fretting the D string, hang over a little, to mute the A string.

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do I use my thumb or what?
Yeah, I find it easiest to use my thumb for those. Can you reach it? If you need to, suck your palm into the back of the neck more to help you reach.