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The B note buzzes w...
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The B note buzzes when I slide or hammer on.....

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Every time i slide( to or from) or hammer on the B note, i get an ugly buzzing sound. ( 12th fret on b string, 16th fret on g string, 9th fret on the d string being the most prominent) .

This happens only when I've turned on distortion. I've tried keeping the gain high and playing clean, but it doesn't buzz then. Happens on both the neck and bridge pickup.

I'm using an ESP LTD F10 and a VOX VX1 modeling amp.

I have a hunch that the problem is either with my amp or the way I'm playing.

Please help!!!!

Alan Green
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Well, if it only happens on that one note, then it's not your amp.

You might have a fret that's standing a bit proud higher up the neck

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That's 3 different B's on three different strings and 3 different frets. Sounds like some kind of sympathetic feedback from the distortion on the amp back through the pickups, which I've heard before. Could be a single higher fret, and the distortion brings it out more and that's why you don't hear it on clean settings, or maybe a couple frets are high. You can rule out the sympathetic feedback by tuning the whole guitar down a half step and see if it goes away. If it doesn't, it's the fret(s).

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Have you tried raising the action a little?