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To all new guitaris...
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To all new guitarist's

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Just my opinion.....

Learn barr chords root 5 and 6 AND have a few lessons

I have played (no struggled) for 10 or so years without lessons, I taught myself open chords and the notes on the 6 strings up to the 4th fret.
I would play for 6 months or so get frustrated give it away for a while then pick it up again...

Then finally I got the courage to go for some lessons (me 47 years old and taking lessons of a youngster HA !)
Well I have never looked back. He asked me what I wanted from guitar and structered lessons around that...
Barr chords opened up a WHOLE new world to me, now I can play songs from my Beatles Complete book that I would never get past the first few barrs a few years ago..
And not to mention Pentatonic scales (5 positions) we are into them now COOL

It is hard work can be frustrating but it is well WORTH it I love it . I pick my guitar (acoustic) up EVERY day without fail.

So take a few lessons and learn them barr chords..

Just my 2 bobs worth..


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Yeah, i would have to agree with you. I have pretty much learned all the open chords - but am not totally stuck in a rut.

Your mail may has inspired me to go get some lessons, thanks


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Sounds like you have a good teacher. It's great to hear about folks getting excited about there playing, after Ten years WOW, you deserve the breakthrough just for the years you've been willing to stick with it.

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Yeah, you know, I haven't had any "formal" lessons, but I have a friend who's given me about four informal ones. Early on he showed me basic scales, then he had me draw out full fretboard diagrams of them. It's not like he's taught me a lot - it's just that the few crucial things he taught me have allowed lot of stuff to start falling into place.

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my dear sir , u are right , but still its only man's self courage that take him.Self confidence too.everyone has a struggle story , but only few learn for it.I can tell u guitar learning or for that matter learning anything is a big mixture of self confidence , a bit of ignorance and yet hard work.Stories don 't work, no offence , they didn't for me