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Whats best for biggners??

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Hii Friends,

Now that I have started playing and practicing. There is an Issue that is bugging me a lot. I want to kow whats the best guitar to start with. An acoustic guitar, an acoustic drum guitar, an acoustic electric guitar, an Electric guitar ,a classic guitar, a bass guitar or an classic guitar(or any other guitar I may have leftout). An I would also like to know the like when does a person use these specific guitars.

Well actually the thing is I have started playing with an Acoustic guitar but some of my "Guitar buddies" say its always better to start with an electric guitar. Well its not like I cant afford it or anything but I just want to know which is the ebst guitar to be used by biggners.

Thanks Guys :P :lol:



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Any guitar is the best -- it depends on what you really want to play. If acoustic makes your heart beat faster, start with acoustic. If it's electric that you secretly want to play, start there. They're both guitars and you'll learn on either. You'll vary your style and technique on each, but the basics are the same. I think the critical issue is to play the one that really excites you so that you'll stay motivated to play through the inevitable moments of frustration that arise.

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I almost never play electric. It would be weird for me to choose electric because it is easier on the fingers.

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I totally agree with Musenfreund. Would be great if we could all begin on $2000+ top of the line guitars... but the best guitar is the one that you hold in your hand everyday and play cause playing is the only thing that is going to make you better.

I think its important to get a decent guitar though. I am 35 now but when I was 15 my parents bought me a guitar from Sears, I think. It sounded horrible, I had no access to the internet (what was that?? didnt exist back then), and no access to lessons. I hated the thing for many reasons.

But now, a few weeks ago I started with a pretty cheap but great sounding acoustic. I play it everyday.. so thats the best one. :D


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There's nothing you can do on one guitar that you can't do on another, so the choice of electric, accoustic, semi-, or classical is entirely up to you. Unless you want to play bass, I wouldn't recommend geting one.

I use my accoustics for writing recording and teaching, my electric and my classicals for writing, playing and recording. I tend not to do star jumps whilst playing my classical.

So, the question is - what style of music do you want to play?


A :-)

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I'm also a begginer but was advised to learn on an acoustic as it's tougher on the fingers so if I do later decide to try out an electric it should be much easier going than trying to switch the other way.

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Since you threw in the words "it's not like I can't afford it" I would suggest you get a reasonable costing "one of each" acoustic and electric but not all the ones you listed. Don't go for a high end on either until you are sure where you want to focus.

The electric and acoustic style would be based on the type of music you want to play. Most songs are portable between electric and a steel string acoustic but there are just some that just sound better on one or the other.

Since acoustics are typically harder to fret than an electric there is some benefit in practicing strumming on an electric where you can fret a little easier and not worry as much about the chords and concentrate on the strumming and visa-versa. Once you can fret a chord on an acoustic well there is little effort going to the electric.

Just some thoughts based on the way I practice.

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