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any banjo-esque tun...
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any banjo-esque tunes anyone?

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Would anyone happen to have any simple banjo-like fingerpicking tab that I could learn to sing with on my acoustic guitar (preferably with standard tuning :lol: )? I guess you would call them "redneck"ish (no offense), but I think they sound so cool. Led Zeppelin has some (Bron-ya-aur Stomp, etc) but those are pretty advanced. I guess what I'm getting at is the music Stewie played on the Family Guy where they were relocated to the South, or Futurama where Bender's strumming a banjo as they looked for the bug/cows. Anything nice and simple that I could learn to play very fast and sing to would be grrreat.

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Like "Going To My Hometown" from Rory Gallagher...
I've been looking for that for a while now and think it's a bit easier then "Bron-ya-aur Stomp" 'cause "Going..." is kinda repetitive...

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If this is the kind of thing you are looking for, they don't come much easier than this: