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Win a Massive FX Pedals G.O.A.F. Pedal

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Hi Guys,

This is Yosef with Massive FX Pedals in Los Angeles, CA.
We are a pedal builder with a passion for heavier fuzz and treble boosters hand-built with the right parts, yet reasonably priced.

We currently are offering 6 new models which can be seen at
The 1st 2017 production run of each of the 6 models is limited to 50 hand numbered pedals.

We are giving away a new G.O.A.F. pedal away.
Winner Drawn on November 15, 2017
Enter to Win

If you have any questions about any of our pedals let me know.


Massive FX Pedals
The G.O.A.F. (the Golden Order of the Alchemist Fuzz) is a hand-wired dynamic heavy fuzz with massive “buzzy/trebly” tones imparted by NOS AC125 and Russian Germanium transistors and a vintage octave up effect. The G.O.A.F. circuit is our take on the legendary Baldwin Burns Buzzaround fuzz with a twist. Hand-selected components and extensive listening to each component yields one insane Kung Fu Fuzz Master. If you’re looking for a typical fuzz, go elsewhere. The G.O.A.F. aspires to reach insane-o-matic heights.

See the G.O.A.F demo video:

G.O.A.F. Picture

G.O.A.F. controls include:

  • Master Volume

  • Tone Shape or “Balance” – primarily a mid-range control

  • Fuzz/Sustain Amount – Note: if turned all the way to the left you will not hear your guitar

  • Timbre/Tone/Attack Knob – primarily a treble control

  • Dual Footswitches: Right footswitch (Red LED) turns Fuzz on/off; Left Footswitch (Green LED) turns Vintage Octave on/off.

  • Vintage Octave can be used without the fuzz. Note if you are only using the Vintage Octave the Master Volume will not adjust Master Volume without the Fuzz footswitch on as well.

  • The G.O.A.F. Fuzz is the first of several Massive FX Pedals releases planned for 2017. Upcoming models will feature classic designs with modern features. All component and design decisions are based on tone with emphatic disregard for cost or compromise resulting in stunning tonal excess.
    Massive FX pedals include:
  • Hand crafted in Los Angeles, CA USA

  • 100% Analog in design, several models utilize rare NOS vintage components such as AC125 and OC44, and hand matched silicon transistors.

  • High-end components such as Lumberg “enclosed” input/output jacks and Potentiometer dust caps for years of noise-free operation.

  • Unique artwork and hand-applied finish on Powder Coated enclosures

  • Each pedal’s inside back plate is hand numbered by former “The Simpsons” cartoonist/artist Tom Winkler in debut versions of Massive FX Pedals.
  • Pricing for the G.O.A.F.™ Triple Transistor Fuzz/Octave is $249.
    All Massive FX Pedals are sold direct at